Our Story

Our Club has been around for a while – since 1968 in fact, which makes us one of the longest active bonsai clubs in New Zealand.

The first meeting was in the old Forresters Hall in Stanley Street, Sydenham, with seven people – we’ve come a long way, and gained a lot of experience and knowledge since then!

Club Meetings

We welcome anyone interested in bonsai to come along to a meeting to see what we do, before you decide to join us. There is always time for new members to ask for advice about their bonsai.

Currently we meet each month in the Cotswold Preschool Hall, Bishopdale, where we have plenty of off-street parking and a warm, comfy venue. Meetings include a raffle, sales table, access to our library of bonsai books, comments on the bonsai on display; and supper is provided. 

Some meetings are full-on workshops with everyone working hard on their own bonsai with help from senior members, some are demonstrations of particular bonsai techniques by experienced club members or visiting tutors, and some are social evenings.

Recent Events

We have been a very active club and often host public events and displays–

Some recent events include:

December 2008        Workshops with Nobuyuki Kajiwara (from UK)

March 2009               Exhibited at Ellerslie Flower Show -  awarded Silver Medal 

October 2009            Organised the National Bonsai Convention with John Hanby from the UK as headline demonstrator

December 2011        Workshops with Nobuyuki Kajiwara (from UK)

March 2012               Exhibited at Ellerslie Flower Show -  awarded Bronze Medal

March 2013               Exhibited at Ellerslie Flower Show -  awarded Gold Medal 

March 2013               Workshops and demonstrations with Don Deluca (from Australia)

March 2014               Exhibited at Ellerslie Flower Show -  awarded Silver Medal

October 2015            Organised the National Bonsai Convention with Boon Manakitivipart from California as headline demonstrator.